How can you make liquid soap work for you against germs and bacteria? Everywhere you go, you are exposed to all kinds of microorganisms that may be harmful to your health. So whether you are making your own liquid soap or buying it over the counter it is important to know how you can use the soap to deter or fight these viruses. Here are some tips to stay germ free:

  1. Always have a small bottle of liquid soap in your purse or bag. Do wash your hands with it before and after eating. Some soap inside restaurants or the malls have been diluted with water and are not anymore that effective for use as germ fighting agents so better use your own.
  2. If you go to a gym, be sure to wipe the handles of the equipments you will be using with tissue or paper napkin and with a few drops of liquid soap. Be sure to wash your hands before and after your workout. Germs and bacteria can easily spread through your hands when you use it to rub your eyes or nose.
  3. When going shopping for your groceries, always wash your hands before you enter the store and after you have paid for and bagged your purchases. A lot of people get to handle grocery items and you can never tell if you might be susceptible to a certain virus that can be passed on through these items.
  4. Have a soap sanitizer handy even inside your car. You can sanitize as soon as you get inside your car and you can wipe off germs from your steering wheel, dashboard and from any car parts you often touch.
  5. Use your liquid soap as a hand sanitizer when you get to ride any type of public transport. Since a lot of people come and go in public transports you should be careful in holding on to railings and hand rails.
  6. At home, wash your hands with liquid soap before and after doing your gardening.
  7. Upon arriving at home from work, be sure to disinfect by washing with soap.
  8. When washing your hand with liquid soap wash it thoroughly by lathering with soap the crevices between your fingers and under your nails. Do these even when you are just freshening up at the mall or restaurant.

In making your own soap, use natural ingredients such as coconut, sunflower seed oil or goat’s milk. The natural anti bacterial properties of these ingredients will add to the disinfecting property of your liquid soap.

Source by Jumby Navarro

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