Keeping our mouth healthy is an important thing for most of us. Obviously there are some people who do not care about dental hygiene because there are people out there whose breath stinks. Is it possible for people not to know they have halitosis?

There are plenty of things we can do to ensure that we are on the right side of the good/bad breath divide. Of course brushing our teeth is an essential step. This helps to keep our teeth in good condition and free from dental caries. A tooth that is rotten can certainly be a cause of a stinky mouth. On top of brushing it is important to also floss and use a mouth wash.

However what this article is going to address is the use of tongue scrapers. In particular, is it better to use a metal or plastic one? I will argue that metal tongue cleaners are superior. Read on to find out why.

For a start, plastic tongue cleaners are less flexible than their metal counterparts. This means that using them will lead to more accidental cuts on the tongue. This is definitely something that we want to avoid. Further, as metal tongue scrapers are more flexible, this means that they more readily fit the shapes of a wider variety of mouths. Also the metal variety are made of materials like stainless steel and copper. These materials prevent the build up of bacteria on the tools themselves.

All in all, the metal variety are kinder to our tongues and cleaner in general. This is why I think that they are the best.

Source by Bruce Longwood

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