Energy Soap. Most people hear the term and think “huh?” Truth is, it’s a novel idea!

Imagine getting the same caffeine boost that you would receive in a 5-hour energy shot, red bull, or cup of coffee, just by taking a shower! Energy soap is loaded full of caffeine, as well as vitamins to really get you going.

Caffeine Soap is perfect for early risers, atheletes, students, and party people alike!

Energy and Caffeinated Soap work just like muscle soreness creams do, by being absorbed directly through your largest organ, your skin!

No having to wait for caffeine to be absorbed through the normal digestive system route, caffeine soap works by going straight to the source: your bloodstream.

Not only does the caffeine in the soap give you a great boost, but energy soap often takes advantage of invigorating scents to add to its energizing effect!

Peppermint adds a great scent (it also has many stimulating properties in and of itself) and provides a cool, clean tingle, leaving you looking, feeling, and smelling great!

After being absorbed directly through your skin caffeine works its way into your bloodstream where it is rapidly dispersed throughout your body, right to where you need it most and when you need it most! No more waiting for the morning cup of Joe to kick in before you are up and at ’em and ready to start your day.

Caffeine is the world’s most popular stimulant. It is found naturally in many of the world’s plants, teas, and beans. In the early 19th century a German scientist discovered how to extract the caffeine, and now it is available today in all sorts of ways. One of the newest and most exciting ways to get your caffeine fix is through your daily soap, with Energy Soap! Caffeine has a natural, 5 hour half life. What this means is that one shower using caffeine soap can deliver a whooping 5 Hours of Energy!

Source by Kyle Majors

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