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Founder Malcolm Fontier had been packing away unsustainable travel products long before Pakt was a brand.  

After his discontinued Getaway bag (the precursor to the Pakt One) was featured on the documentary Minimalism (you know, the movement The Minimalists inspired), he was persuaded by hundreds of requests. 

So in 2017, he launched a crowdfunding campaign to “resurrect a cult travel bag” and the newly named Pakt was back in business.

Now Pakt sells a select range of products: a packable tote bag, a set of packing cubes, a travel backpack rain cover, and the Pakt Coffee Kit. Stay tuned for a sustainable backpack version of the Pakt One – coming soon! 

I was gifted the Pakt One to put to the travel test. Now, if you don’t know anything about me, I live in a van full time on the road, so travel is synonymous with living in my case. After using the bag to not only help me stay organized in my van but also to use when staying with friends along the way, I can honestly say the Pakt One does not disappoint.

My favorite feature of the bag is its briefcase design. I can unzip the middle and unfold the bag to conveniently access both side compartments. This makes packing and unpacking a breeze. No rummaging at the bottom of this suitcase! Thanks to this folding feature and the handy exterior zippered pockets, the 35L capacity feels much larger than say, a backpack of the same size.

The durability of the exterior is another huge pro of this bag. I opted for the Black bag, both due to its extra durable waterproof 420D nylon dobby exterior and its resistance at showing dirt. Nothing stays clean very long when you live in a van, but the Pakt One does.

This bag is lovely not just for weekend road trips, but as a gym bag or for those long days out when you have a ton of stuff with you. I would be even more thrilled to take it on some air travel (eventually…), being the perfect carry-on size.

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