I emailed my subscribers a few days ago asking what they would find helpful over the next few months and the responses were split almost fifty-fifty between “lots of new doodles to work with!” and “I want lots of new inspiration!”, so today I thought I’d start by sharing a few ideas for creative projects you can do while at home. I’ll pin this post to the top of blog so it’s easy to find and will keep it updated with your recommendations and any other fun stuff I come across.

Wreck This Journal and Conscious Creativity books on a wooden table surrounded by coloured pencils

Firstly, I want to share what I am planning to do for the next few weeks. My daughter would have been taking her GCSE Art exam this week so I’ve been looking for some arty projects for us to do together to keep the creativity flowing, but that aren’t too structured or pressured. I want something that was free and expressive and will allow us to play around with ideas and just have fun together! These are the three projects that we’ll be dipping and in out of:

1. The Two Week Art Journal

First up is a new, free course from art journaling guru Julie Fei-Fan Balzer: The Two Week Art Journal

This is a continuation of Julie’s great Art Journal Everyday series and I’m really excited to introduce my daughter to art journaling! I love the idea of having a little completed, hand-made journal by the end of the two weeks.

2. Tangie Baxter’s Virtual Art Parties

I’m also hoping to catch some of Tangie Baxter’s livestreams this month, she has a few scheduled at an earlier time-slot (2pm EST) that will work for us! I’ve watched some of Tangie’s classes before and there’s always such a great community spirit to them. Classes or parties are held on Zoom so you can interact with other classmates, either by being on camera, using your microphone or in the typed chat.  I’m really looking forward to creating along with Tangie and her team over the next few weeks. Here’s the full schedule of Tangie’s Virtual Art Parties, maybe I will see you there!

3. Wreck This Journal

Finally, we’re going to be dipping into our Wreck This Journals. We both have the original version of this book, and I picked up the colour edition a little while ago. These are great books for freeing creativity (and sometimes venting some frustration!) and there’s a fun online community sharing their journal pages so it’s always easy to find support, ideas and inspiration.

BONUS: 100 Day Project

If you’re looking for a more structured approach for a creative project, you might like to check out the 100 Day Project which official starts again on April 7th (although of course you could start your own version whenever you wanted!). There’s a BIG online community around this project (especially on Instagram) so in playing along with everyone else you will find new friends, inspiration and support along the way. This is a project that isn’t limited to art and drawing, you could develop any part of your creativity following the format of creating something (however small!) every day.


Here are some other resources that you might find useful to help boost your creativity at home (if you have any suggestions for other resources please let me know and I’ll add it to this list):

  • Wreck This Journal and Wreck the Journal in Colour (and all of Keri Smith’s books!) – perfect for those of us who find it hard to let go of perfectionism! To quote the publishers: “Think of Wreck This Journal as the anarchist’s Artist’s Way — the book for those who’ve always wanted to draw outside the lines but were afraid to do it.”
  • Conscious Creativity by Philippa Stanton (aka – 5ftinf – check out Phillipa’s gorgeous Instagram feed for more inspiration!)  – a beautiful, uplifting book about cultivating your own creativity
  • Create This Book by Moriah Elizabeth – filled with creative prompts and ideas, this is a great project book for kids and teens

I have a few more ideas for creative books over on my Creativity Starters Amazon list.

Big Picture Classes  also offer a free trial and have a number of classes on scrapbooking, card making, planners and organisation and more! You might also like to checkout Skillshare and Creative Live for more online classes and tutorials.


Please let me know your favourite creative classes, tutorials, groups, prompts, books etc! I’ll be keeping an eye out for more free classes and ways to connect and will update this page accordingly. Stay safe everyone xx


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