Ask any two people and they will have different opinions on the best cooler and why they think one is better than the other.

Some will go for the look, stating that a fibreglass ice box is better as it looks better, and stays looking better for longer. A fiberglass cooler will not scratch as easily as a plastic one. Its construction material is harder which will reduce the occurrence of those bumps and scratches that quickly mark up a plastic cooler. The flip side is that the fiberglass cooler is also more brittle than a plastic one. A really hard knock may dent a plastic cooler and leave a mark on it; however the same knock can often chip the surface of a fiberglass cooler.

Many people believe that a fiberglass cooler is a better insulator than a plastic one. It is true that ice seems to last longer in a fibreglass cooler which has the same wall and lid thickness as a plastic box. This seems strange as they are both filled with similar insulation, injected under pressure. The reality is that often fiberglass coolers have thinner walls than plastic boxes, so they both hold ice for about the same period of time.

Fibreglass ice boxes are more expensive than plastic ones. The labour content in the manufacture of fibreglass cooler is much more than for a plastic box.

Odour retention is one of the key reasons many people cite as a reason for rejecting a plastic box. While it is true that it is difficult to remove a really bad odour from a plastic box, it can be done with liberal amounts of bleach and a little time airing in the sun. Fibreglass boxes are much easier to keep odour free. A quick wipe down with bleach, a rinse and a thorough drying before storage and it should be odour free for your next use.

The best thing about a plastic box is that they are robust. You are able to stand on a good quality cooler, or use it for a seat in your boat or while camping. They can be thrown around and will take abuse that would see a Fibreglass cooler destroyed. They will of course get marked and scratched doing this, but if you do not worry about what your cooler looks like then that does not matter.

All up, the main reason that most people choose a plastic cooler over a fiberglass one is the price. A fibreglass cooler is usually at least twice the price of a plastic one.

Source by Alan Rich

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