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CEO Michael Hughes lost his father to Parkinson’s Disease when he was just 64. And after learning that certain common household chemicals could have been the catalyst for his father’s disease Hughes immediately began looking to detox his family home. 

Then he stumbled across the fact that flame retardants from mattresses end up being absorbed by the people who sleep on them—so much so that flame retardant was found at levels 75% higher in American women’s breast milk than in that of European women. 

He obviously had to do something, and PlushBeds was the result. They remain a family-owned company dedicated to transparency, honesty, and advocacy. Which is exactly what you’ll find in their range of affordable eco friendly mattresses (organic, memory foam, sofa bed, and RV).

While this brand may have been inspired by a loss, it has certainly positively impacted the world since it began.

PlushBeds’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Less than 1% of other mattress brands can match the purity certifications of Plushbeds—which says a lot about their materials. 

They use 100% GOLS Certified Organic latex, GOTS Certified Organic cotton, and GOTS Certified Organic wool (everything is USDA Organic Certified, too). 

They’re one of the few brands on this list to offer an environmentally friendly memory foam mattress, but theirs is blended with organic latex and free of the chemicals you’d usually find with memory foam. 

In fact, the mattresses are eco-INSTITUT Certified and OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring that they’re free from harmful toxins and dangerous off-gasses.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Transparency is important which is why PlushBeds works with a US-based factory that is verified by Control Union and certified by both GOTS and GOLS.  

For material sourcing, they work with farmers who share the same values and regularly travel around the globe to meet their suppliers personally. That means ethically-produced wool from…

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