Food Packaging Is Bad for our Health

But here’s something less widely understood: food packaging is also bad for our health. Additives like phthalates, that give plastic peanut butter jars their pliability, or perfluorinated chemicals (PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals”) that allow “fast-casual” restaurant cardboard bowls to hold liquids, are now understood to cause a host of health problems — but they are still being used in packaging. Chemicals like BPA have been phased out of most products, but we now realize their replacements are equally harmful.

FoodPrint’s latest report, The FoodPrint of Food Packaging, takes a deep dive into these twin issues: how food packaging is bad for both the planet and human health. It explores how companies can do better by innovating better packaging that is made with safer materials that can be reused and recycled and shares examples of ones who are already making positive strides. It also gives practical guidance for changes we can make in our purchasing habits and ways to educate ourselves about the recycling process.


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