Freebies are something everyone loves… or are they? Can they really be used to promote your business and if so what’s the most effective form of freebie out there? Personally, I have always wondered if promo products are a waste of money or an annoyance for customers. That was, until I was handed an ad-loop keyring..

Allow me to introduce the ‘Ad-Loop Keyring’ – It’s a cheap and long-lasting way of getting your customer to carry your details with them at all times. Simple. For those of you who can’t picture what it looks like it’s basically a plastic loop that’s very thin and carries a message or number/website printed around the outside. The brilliance of this keyring may only be applicable to a certain type of business, but as my business is one of these I thought it was worth the time to take a deeper look.

What’s he talking about? (I hear you ask)

It’s all about the right promotion for the right business!

After a long and tiring stint trying to crack the world of social media I suddenly awoke to the opportunities I may have been missing using the simplest of marketing techniques. The realisation came to me while at a trade show when an extremely kind gentleman gave me my very first ‘Ad Loop Keyring’. It was a nice looking and surprisingly fun to play with form of keyring which, I immediately attached to my set of car keys.

The brilliance of this loop keyring is that I now carry it with me at all times. If I ever need the services of such a business the number on that keyring will be the first I call. Why? Because it’s there when I need it and before anyone else’s. If you run a retail shop or groceries for example the keyring may not have such worth. But for a trade which relies on the customer needing a service there and then it’s invaluable. In times of emergency I can guarantee one thing for any business, if your easily accessible and can fix the problem, you’re going to get the business.

What are the options?

As we are certainly not a design company and I have very little artistic flair it was easier for me to find someone to do the leg work for me. This was easy enough and didn’t make any difference to the price so seemed like the logical thing to do. I sent across my company logo and gave them my contact details and a week later I was giving out my keyrings.

Something you may be missing

So on a serious note I hope this article will shed light on what many small businesses are beginning to overlook. I truly believe that most promotional campaigns can benefit from the simplest solution. It’s all about mixing, not replacing the old with the new. By doing this you can drive traffic to your website or encourage return business through loyalty schemes and bar coding. Setting up a Facebook page alone will not bring you more business. Be clever with your promotions and marketing and let them work together.

Source by T. Thomas

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