Apple Peel Tea

Steep apple peels in boiling hot water for a comforting caffeine-free sip to enjoy on a chilly day. Add whole spice like cinnamon stick, clove and star anise for more warming flavor. You can also add apple peels to your tea pot during steeping to create an apple flavored tea.

Apple Flavored Water

Add a few apple peels to your reusable water bottle to create a subtly infused thirst quencher with a hit of flavor. 

Apple Core Juice

Simmer apple cores and peels in water for 30 minutes. Cool and strain without pressing. Store juice chilled.

Apple Peel Fiber Booster

Apple peels are full of fiber. Keep them in an air-tight container in the freezer and toss them in smoothies for a kick of sweet fiber. Or chop them up and add them to pancakes, waffles or muffin mix, along with a sprinkle of cinnamon, for a healthy apple pie boost.

Apple Peel-Infused Liquor

Pack a sterilized jar with apple peels and cores, fill to cover with liquor and top jar with lid. Store in a cool, dark place for a month, shaking the jar every few days. Strain and serve straight or use in cocktails.

Apple Syrup

To make a fresh apple syrup, boil peels and cores in water, reducing liquid to intensify the flavor. Strain out apple solids and compost. Measure the remaining water, add an equal amount brown sugar to pot with liquid, and simmer until dissolved. Remove from heat and store chilled in an airtight container for up to a month. Serve over pancakes or waffles, or use in cocktails or for other desserts.

Apple Jelly

Some apple jelly recipes use whole apples, some use apple juice. If you have a lot of peels and cores leftover from a pie (or you save up scraps in the freezer), you can use them for this apple peel jelly, which first steeps the peels and cores in water to create a juice, and then uses pectin and lemon juice to thicken the liquid into jelly.

Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar can be used for everything from salad dressing to making homemade mayo. And you can make it yourself with a little sugar, water and those apple scraps. Save your peels and cores in a jar in the freezer. When you have a full jar, follow the recipe below to turn your waste into liquid gold.

Apple Agrodolce

This Italian sweet and sour sauce is similar to gastrique, a vinegar-based pan sauce. Try it over grilled chicken. After you boil the apple cores in vinegar and sugar, use them for a second recipe with this mostarda, a tangy jelly that can be served with cured meats or cheeses.

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