Just a few years ago, the only wooden toys for children were found at the grandparents houses. This is because the age of plastic arrived. Those inexpensive plastic toys from Japan were hard to beat because they did not cost hardly anything. But like with most things, you get what you pay for and the plastic toys generally lasted only a few months before they broke or fell apart. Good thing they were cheap.

Because of this, there was a whole generation of American children that never enjoyed the pleasure of playing with toys made in America. Many American children during that time could go to their grandparents’ house and see a few of these old toys. My mother used to smile every time she would see her old wooden dollhouse in the basement. After over 40 years, it was still in great shape.

This is one of the advantages of toys, they last the test of time. This is not true with plastic toys. The polymers that they are made up of dry out and crack. This not only makes these toys unable to be played with, but at time, unsafe because of the jagged edges.

Luckily today, there are many new manufacturers of wooden toys for this generation to play with. This includes more than the standard ABC blocks and dollhouses. There are wooden puzzles, building blocks, even a great assortment of fruits and vegetables. Each one made out of wood and covered with lead-free, toxin-free paints. Because of these new manufacturers, there are wooden toys for children to play with again.

Source by Mark Y. Salmon

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