When it comes to planning a party, there are few more joyous occasions than a 25th wedding anniversary. Party games planned for the event can really make it one to remember. It takes little more than a bit of imagination to turn traditional games into 25th wedding anniversary party games.

Pass the Wedding Present 25th Wedding Anniversary Party Game

This 25th wedding anniversary party game is a variation of ‘pass the parcel’, and pays homage to the years of freedom you thought you had before you got married. When wrapping the ‘parcel’ before the party, stick either a small and tacky gift (such as a novelty bow-tie, garter or plastic ‘wedding ring’) to each layer, or a slip of paper containing a dare. In the middle of the parcel, put something cheeky such as edible underwear, fluffy handcuffs or a plastic ball and chain. Guests must sit in a circle and pass the wedding present around while music is played and stopped at intervals. The person holding the gift when the music stops must either perform the dare or keep the gift. This 25th wedding anniversary party game ends when someone wins by unwrapping the final layer.

Anniversary Trivia Quiz 25th Wedding Anniversary Party Game

Prior to the party, prepare a set of game sheets with the number 1 to 25 down one side, and the appropriate anniversary gifts for each year (listed in random order) down the other. In this 25th wedding anniversary party game, guests must pair up, and match each anniversary gift to the appropriate year. This is more difficult than it seems! The pair with the most correct answers (or the quickest pair to get all the answers correct) is the winner.

Source by Gail Leino

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