A face lift is a cosmetic procedure through which several benefits are offered to people who opt for it. With face lift surgery, you can definitely get a youthful look. As people grow older, the skin begins sagging and they start getting wrinkles. These signs of aging can be removed through rhytidectomy. The procedure is acknowledged for its capability of providing a smart young look.

Improve Visible Signs of Aging

Face lift surgery is applauded as an age defying surgery that can successfully address aesthetic concerns such as excess facial fat, sagging fat pockets and skin, loss of neck line, loss of jaw line, loss of skin elasticity, loose muscles and poor facial skin tone. The surgery enables redistributing the facial fat and skin, and raising the fallen ptotic facial muscular tissues.

Benefit From a More Natural Appearance

By undergoing this procedure, patients benefit from a more natural appearance and as a result feel better about themselves. By considering the level or intensity of aging and specific condition of the patient, leading plastic surgeons suggest the right type of face lift procedure. The procedures include:

  • Skin-only lift
  • Dual plane lift
  • Composite lift
  • Mid-facial lift
  • Sub-periosteal lift
  • Short scar face lift or mini face lift

In face lift surgery, excess fat would be removed by the doctor and the skin would be pulled tighter. The surgeon will raise the skin and elevate the underlying facial musculature and redrape the skin to a more anatomic and pleasing position. Slight bruising and swelling can occur. However, within a short time, it will disappear. Based on the type of procedure the surgery will be performed as an outpatient one, or patients may be required to stay overnight at the plastic surgery facility for close monitoring. Usually, patients can return to work and routine activities within one or two weeks.

Face lift is a beneficial procedure, boosting the self confidence and self esteem of people who are distressed by the visible signs of facial aging. Face lift surgery has to be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon providing services from an advanced plastic surgery center. This will ensure the best aesthetic results. Moreover, patients also receive excellent care and support during and post surgery. Reputable and experienced plastic surgeons are sensitive to individual patient requirements and help them meet their cosmetic goals. Therefore take some time to search and find a reliable plastic surgeon in your area. Ensure that the plastic surgery center is well-equipped with the latest technology and caring support staff.

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