A sister is your best friend. Remember the times when you felt jealous of her when mom loved her more, times when she gave you a shoulder to cry, and times when she saved candies from her share for you. Your sister was always by your side; an annoying sibling yet a great friend!

Now, it is your turn to make her feel special on her 30th birthday. Your gift will reflect your love and will make her feel that you still care for her as you did before. Use your creativity and imagination to give a personal touch full of love to the gift.

Gag Gifts for Her:

The gifts that mock the matured age of your sister will be the ideal gifts for her on her 30th birthday. Use your imagination and wit to come up with side splitting ideas that will gear up her day. For instance, to heighten the fun, you can stack gift items like dentures, wigs, arthritis balm and walking sticks in a coffin shape box!

It is not at all difficult to find Gag birthday presents as a wide variety of them are available on-line. Things like stinking flowers, plastic candies, vanishing inks, insulting mirrors, etc. are few of the many gag gifts available on-line.

The gag gifts are funny enough to make your sister forget her age for a while. Gag gifts such as coffee mugs with funny quotes, diapers and feeding bottles, a box of candies, etc. can create fun and take the birthday girl back to her childhood days.

Other Gift Ideas:

o Apart from the usual gag gifts, you can present an album with the snaps of the beautiful moments spent with her in the past or a photo frame with a nice picture of you two.

o A personal poem scribbled on a piece of colored hand made paper is also a good option.

o Handmade gifts like a beaded necklace, embroidered handkerchiefs, paintings, etc. can also be gifted to her to make her feel special.

o Jewelry is another common option. Make her feel young by gifting her cute teddy bear!

Your sister is the gem of your life and let your gift be as special as she is!

Source by Eshwarya Patel

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