The constants that drive the corporate gift industry are our innate desire to feel appreciated and the law of reciprocation.

In his bestselling book “Influence”, Dr. Robert B. Cialdini defines the reciprocity as one of the six weapons of influence. Indeed, according to sociologists and anthropologists, one of the most widespread and basic norms of human culture is embodied in the rule of reciprocity. This rule requires that one person try to repay what another person has provided.

This fundamental concept is occurring all around us on a daily basis and it would be a strong yet subtle way to give your sales that additional boost.

The main issues when choosing a corporate gift are usability and brand recall.

1. Usability – You have to first identify the profile of your target audience so that the corporate gift that you ultimately select will be relevant and useful to the recipient. Having a good understanding of your target audience and hence choosing a gift that is fitting also demonstrates your thoughtfulness and reflects well on yourself and your company.

2. Brand recall – It is quintessential that the gift or promotional merchandise leaves a strong impression on your audience. This can be achieved by picking a memorable or creative corporate gift or by customising the gift with a funny or witty slogan or logo.

It is also important that your gift is something that your recipient will continually use or once the gift is out of sight, you are out of mind. This is why corporate gifts like mugs, USB drives, mousepads are so popular as they are used on a daily basis and can maximise the brand recall of your company. Other popular gifts for the office include customised notepads, unique pens and digital photoframes.

If you are running out of ideas for memorable gifts, simply head over to stores selling creative gifts for inspiration.

To ensure that your corporate gift is memorable and creates an impact to skyrocket your sales, it is important to work with an experienced corporate gifts company as an experienced company will be able to offer you an insider’s perspective on the pros and cons of each corporate gift.

It is also important to verify the reliability of the corporate gift supplier as while some suppliers might have a wide catalog of creative and memorable gifts, not all of them are able to deliver as promised within your deadline. Be clear and concise in your requirements and ensure that you are getting prompt responses from the supplier before venturing further.

Source by Alvin PJ Koh

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