Notable Earthmate CFL Bulb Features

– Shorter measures of length (bulbs fit most fixtures)

– Select models average only 1 milligram of mercury

– Packaging is made from 100% post-consumer waste

– Packaging printed with soy-based ink

– Easy-open packaging (no plastic clamshells to cut through)

– Instant-on, flicker-free

– Uses 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs


As you can see from the features listed above, there are a lot of good reasons (and benefits) to purchasing Earthmate compact fluorescent light bulbs. Earthmate bulbs are the “greenest” CFLs on the market. Like other energy efficient CFL bulbs, select Earthmate fluorescent bulbs are ENERGY STAR rated and use 75% less energy. But, read below for more information on the features not found on most other compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Mercury is an essential ingredient for compact fluorescent lights to work. Most CFL bulb manufacturers use 4-5 milligrams of mercury in their bulbs. Earthmate bulbs are different. Earthmate Mini Spiral bulbs contain an average of only 1 milligram of mercury. That is 75% less mercury! Earthmate Mini Spiral bulbs are safer for the environment (in case of accidental breakage or landfill waste). You should still recycle all compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Earthmate bulbs have another unique attribute that is certainly one of the most requested features by light bulb users. Earthmate Mini Spiral bulbs have really short lengths. The 15 watt Earthmate Mini Spiral bulb is only 3.9″ long. That is shorter than a standard incandescent light bulb (4.4″). As the wattage increases on the Earthmate bulbs, the lengths get a little longer, but overall the Earthmate Mini Spiral bulbs are shorter than most other big and bulky CFL bulbs.

Earthmate CFL bulb packaging is made from 100% post-consumer waste. The packaging is “green” because it is made from recycled materials, it can be recycled again and is printed with soy-based ink unlike other fluorescent light bulb manufacturers’ packaging. Other light bulb manufacturers use petroleum-based ink. Earthmate packaging is also easier to open – no need for scissors or blister card cuts.

Earthmate’s shorter light bulbs allow you to use them almost anywhere. The Earthmate bulbs not only save energy like other compact fluorescent lights, but their Earth-friendly design, both with the reduced mercury content and recycled packaging, make them truly the best CFL bulb that you can buy!

Source by Kevin Scripter

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