Throw a Dora the Explorer with the help of Boots and Diego. Create your own invitations by writing “Feliz Cumpleanos! It’s a Birthday Fiesta!” on the front of the card. On the inside it can read “Come on, Vamonos! Alicia Cooper is turning three!” Add Dora the Explorer stickers or cut outs to make the invitations all about Dora.

Pre-made plates, cups and napkins as well as invitations are available at party and discount stores nationwide. If you choose, you can also substitute purple, yellow and pink cup and plates for the pre-made party ware.

Dora the Explorer party favors add excitement to the fiesta. Since Dora knows how to accessorize and never leaves home without her bracelet, hand each guest a candy bracelet upon entering so that they can join in the fun of playing Dora the Explorer.

Dora the Explorer party games are great for kids to play. Fill a purple backpack with household items like a new hairbrush, bracelet, can of soda and pair of plastic scissors. Sit all the guests in a circle and have them put their hand in the backpack and feel all that is inside. Once the backpack has made it around the circle have the children guess what is inside. The winner gets to keep the item they guessed. For an extra Dora twist, sing the Backpack Song while passing the backpack around the circle.

Dora the Explorer parties are fun for children of all ages, both boys and girls. Have Dora help celebrate your child’s next birthday!

Source by Gail Leino

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