Ferrets are lovely pets who never cease to entertain you and make you laugh out loud with their funny antics. It is therefore vital that as ferret lovers we give them the best so that they are happy. Ferret toys will ensure that your little playful pet gets enough of entertainment and it will also keep them engaged. Before you choose a ferret toy, make sure that they are durable and hazard free. Toys that have small pieces or if broken are easy to swallow and hence should not be encouraged.

Another type of ferret toy that you need to avoid is latex toys. Ferrets will break, chew them and swallow it. This can cause a very serious damage since they could be at risk of intestinal obstruction. Providing a few toys that rotate, or even accessories that are safe will ensure that your ferret keeps himself busy. However rest assured they will still find ways to experiment with other treasures around the house.

Here are some excellent toy ideas for your ferret

  • Ferret balls are excellent toys especially since they have holes in them that your ferret can explore by climbing in and out of it.
  • Human baby toys like rattlers, small hard toys made of plastic, rattles etc. are again excellent since they will keep your pet engaged in their colors and noise. Make sure that the plastic used in these toys are not harmful.
  • As simple as it may sound, another great ferret toy that you can find lying around the house are cardboard boxes and even paper bags. Make sure that your bags are not made of plastic, if swallowed can be harmful and they could even gag them when playing.
  • You could give your ferrets simple toys that are sturdy e.g. cat toys etc.
  • Even PVC tubes are excellent for your ferrets to explore and run in. Alternatively you can even buy ferret tubes that are easily available in pet toy stores.
  • Ferrets love noisy toys. Balls that have noisemakers inside them or even bells on it will excite your pet a lot. You can even choose fleece balls that are soft, you can now watch them throw it around and run about looking for it.
  • Hanging toys like parrots or any other smaller animals made of wood and hung on heavy ropes also interest ferrets a lot. However if you plan on giving your ferret toys that hang from a rope, make sure you are around when they are playing with it. You do not want any kind of incident like the rope breaking or strangulation to happen.
  • There are a few other ideas that you could use for e.g. any kind of a cloth bag that is soft which is excellent for sleeping as well as hiding. Add in some crinkly material inside the bag and see what how your ferret will love his new home made toy.
  • If needed you could also invest in small play tents and houses that your little pet would live to roam around in.
Source by Sanjana Antony

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