If you like the golden oldies theme, you’re probably an adult. It’s fun and easy to have a golden oldies celebration. Pick your era but don’t worry about mixing them up. Think back to the good old days when music was about lyrics and simple tunes, movies were romantic and funny, and the life was sweet and unhurried. You can have a swinging sixties party or just let your guests decide on a time period between the twenties and the sixties that they liked best.

Golden oldies décor should be plastic and colorful since that was the rage of the time. The sixties were all about rounded and curvy furniture and art pieces so pull out your mom or grandma’s old stuff. Lava lamps were the rage in the 70’s so if you can get your hands on one or two of these they’ll add to the atmosphere. A lot of stuff in your parent’s attic is probably just the thing you need. Let your guests dress in tights and bold prints or Doris Day dresses. Hair can be done long and bobbed like the Beatles or gelled and wavy like Errol Flynn. For women, pile long hair high on your head or wear short hair smooth and put on a polka dot hair band.

Have plenty of golden oldies soundtracks and display your eight track if you have one. Round colorful plastic bowls full of popcorn and snacks should be placed around the room. Make sure there is a dance-floor as well, so your guest can bust out moves to all their old favorites.

Food can be simple but bring elements in from the days of the golden oldies – offer your guests soda pops or floats, which are basically colas with ice cream in them in a tall glass. 70’s staples such as quiche and fondue will also go down well with guests.

Having a ‘Golden Oldies’ party is a great way to reminisce about times gone by. The ideas above are only starting point – throw a few more into the mix and your party will be memorable.

Source by Gail Leino

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