When hosting a large event or party, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of all of your guests. Implementing strategies to promote organization and efficiency helps your event run smoothly. Establishing a clear crowd control protocol before an event will ensure that it will be an enjoyable and successful function for all of your employees, volunteers, and guests.

One of the first things you must do when planning your event is to secure an adequate number of volunteers or employees to assist with crowd control. They should be trained to anticipate, monitor and respond to potentially dangerous situations. Led by an effective team leader, they should each be given clear roles and responsibilities as well as adequate guidance. Constant communication between the team and team leader will be necessary throughout the event to ensure that situations that arise may be dealt with before a problem occurs.

Directing the flow of traffic is essential to keep large crowds from forming and people from getting hurt. Entrances and exits should be clearly marked and easily accessible. Clear signage should guide guests toward these areas in case there is need for a quick escape. Barricades and barriers can be used to prevent these areas from being blocked by large crowds or equipment. Keeping all of your exits clearly visible and free from obstruction is essential to the safety of all of your guests, especially during an emergency situation.

It is not uncommon to find various lines at an event or gathering. There are lines for restrooms, concessions, souvenirs, tickets, and more. Keeping these lines orderly and safe should be top priority. There should be a clear entrance to a line and a designated area in which to stand. Velvet roping and barricades can help to maintain lines and keep guests in an orderly fashion. Designating clear lines will reduce potential problems among those individuals in line.

You must take steps to prevent your guests from entering restricted areas that may be dangerous. Portable barricades, velvet roping, and clear signage can block access to these off limit areas and alert guests to the fact that they should stay out.

Some things to consider when choosing crowd control supplies include durability as well as the length and height of your barricades. The material or product you choose may depend on how often you plan to use it, weather conditions, and how sturdy you need it to be. Before your event, you will need to determine how long and how high you need your barricades to be. You will want to consider the function as well as how it will look. For example, a velvet rope looks high end while a portable fence may offer more protection from those who want to by-pass the barricade.

No matter what the event, the safety of your guests and workers is of the utmost importance. Careful planning and preparation will ensure that your event or party will be successful and fun for all involved.

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