The bed wetting stains often provide a huge challenge to the parents and child as well. Since this is almost daily problem how to get the bed ready for the next time is often the question facing you each day. While the removal of such stains from the easy linen and cloths is quite easily done the mattress is often the area where one gets fabled on how to go about it?

The answer for this situation is to be organized, plan ahead and bring all the things you might need in advance. The next step is to arrange the bed with the sufficient plastic sheet and extra bedding to keep the mattress stain free. No matter how sufficiently prepared you are there are some stains that might transfer to the mattress. Here are some easy to apply ideas to solve such problems.

The stain of bed wetting should be cleaned the very next morning as the older the stain will get the chances of its removal will also get reduced. There are different methods of removing of such stains including the use of cornstarch, detergent, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide solution.

The cornstarch mix method is easy one. You will need to apply the paste of cornstarch, water and detergent over the stain area. You should however be careful to apply the solution on the area after identifying with the black light to be confident that you are taking out all the stains.

One part vinegar and two parts dish washing liquid is applied in the similar manner as the fist solution. This method is some how better than cornstarch method in many ways as he stain can be removed with the water and soap after half an hour or so. In the similar manner the bed wetting spot is soaked and washed with the hydrogen peroxide solution with baking soda and dish wash liquid.

Source by Chris J Anderson

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