When it comes to crafting, I am a fan of Trash To Treasure type of projects and this crochet project is no exception. I came up with the idea a few months ago to use Plarn instead of white yarn…but if you don’t know how to make Plarn, you can still crochet up this snowman refrigerator magnet by using 4-Ply white yarn.

You can use felt, ribbons, black beads, wiggle eyes, colored craft foam or whatever you have on hand to trim them. You can glue a magnet disk onto the back to make them into holiday refrigerator magnets or omit the magnet and add a hanging string to turn them into Christmas Tree Ornaments.

Each one will take only a few minutes to crochet and then about an hour to glue on all of the trims. Quick and Easy type of craft!

Here is what you will need:

1 plastic shopping bag, turned into plarn

1 round magnet disk

scraps of black, red and orange felt (for hat, hat ribbon, eyes and carrot nose)

all-purpose craft glue

size F or G crochet hook


Note: If using yarn as your base, you can use a glue gun to add the trims. If using Plarn, hot glue can melt plastic bags!

To Make The Snowman Head:

With your plarn or yarn, chain 5, slant stitch into first chain to form a ring. Chain 1, then make 10 single crochets in the ring, slant stitch to first SC that you made, chain 1, then make 2 single crochets in each single crochet, slant stitch in first single crochet, fasten off and weave in your ends. (note: I made mine with plarn which is much bulkier than regular yarn).

To Make The Trims:

From black felt, cut a top hat shape and glue it onto the top of your snowman’s head. I trimmed mine with a scrap of red felt on one and on the other with a scrap of ribbon. Cut a small triangle from orange felt for his nose and 2 small circles from black felt for his eyes. Glue these onto his head. You can decide if you want to add a mouth or not…either way he looks cute! Finish up by gluing a magnet disc on the back and let them dry for 2 hours.

Source by Shelly Hill

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