Septembet 1, 2020  |  Digital Scrapper News  |  Volume 18, Issue 35

Hi there!

We host a BIG SALE twice a year, but only ONE time a year do we slash prices to 45% off!

Happy Birthday to Us!

  • 17 years of learning 17 new versions of software.
  • 17 years of teaching Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
  • 17 years of scrapbooking because we LOVE it!
  • And, 17 years of amazing friendships forming as a result of this amazing hobby we all share.

Semi-annual BIG Sale – 45% off Classes

To celebrate our birthday, I’m offering 45% off classes* now thru September 7, 2020, Midnight Eastern.


Need help getting started with Digital Scrapper? See my recommendations below. I can’t wait to see what YOU create with your newest class!


Love and creative success,

Jen White

Exclusions *Because they have just recently been released, The Pointillize Effect and Easy As Pie are NOT included in this sale. These two classes will be discounted in our next BIG sale in the spring.

Lifetime Premier Coupon Holder? Your 2020 code will apply on the Order Summary page during enrollment.

Shop now and SAVE 45% on classes*.

Credits: The Celebrate 17 sale image was created using Celebrate Her by Kristin Cronin-Barrow.



Quick Classroom Tip

If you are logged in while browsing our classroom,

  • Classes you DO NOT own will show a price.
  • Classes you DO own will show a completion percentage.



My Recommendations

New to Digital Scrapper?

If you’re new to Digital Scrapper, I always recommend setting a solid foundation and filling in the gaps of your learning with QwikLearn Photoshop Elements & QwikLearn Photoshop by Linda Sattgast.


Already know the basics?

After you’ve set a solid foundation, I highly recommend diving into Design Beautiful Pages. This class was taught by three seasoned instructors — Linda Sattgast, Jen White & Jenifer Juris.



Something quick and fun?

Enroll in this fast and splashy class to spice up your scrapbook pages and give your skills a boost.




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