Craft projects for kids are meant to be fun but it can also be a time of confusion if the play area is too messy and chaotic. Implementing a few ideas to get organized before you begin will help keep craft time with your child fun. Here are 10 To Do Tips before you begin:

1. Decide on a craft activity that your child wants to create then make a list of any needed supplies to compete the craft. (If you don’t have all the necessary supplies you’ll have to buy them and plan the activity later.)

2. It is best to keep a few extra supplies on hand in case something is accidentally destroyed.

3. Use supplies that are non-toxic such as markers, paints and glues.

4. Use newspaper or a plastic cloth on the table where crafting will take place.

5. Get all of the supplies ready and place on the table before telling your child it’s craft time.

6. Have a supply of wipes or paper towels nearby in case of spills or messy hands.

7. Keep a few extra supplies on hand in case something is accidentally destroyed.

9. Allow you child to wear clothes that you won’t mind them ruining if stains get on it.

10. Demonstrate to them how to do the activity but allow them do it however they like. Don’t insist on perfection or else you will ruin the fun.

Have fun with them and don’t let little paint on them bother you. Instead revel in the moment and take pictures of them and their creation. With a little advanced preparation craft time should be fun time for both you and your child. The next time you have the courage host a craft projects for kids party and invite a few friends. After you’ve completed your advanced preparations all that’s left to do now is to grab a cup of coffee, sit back and watch them create new works of art.

Source by Frances Robinson

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